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Process visualization
Local + Web
Local graphic + Web
in one
XiSys Software offers a new category of graphics server. We call it hybrid graphics server because it combines the technology of a local graphics engine with the world of Web visualization.
Of course, this server is able to visualize a graphical user interface (GUI) on a local graphics hardware. Additional, the functionality of a Web-server is implemented into the graphics engine. Read more...
Display redirection
The XiLink concept allows to run graphical applications in a distributed environment. The XiLink server supports the same API interface as the local graphics server. All API commands are passed to the remote machine, only. If required, redirected applications can get access to the file systems of the involved machines. The XiLink server needs considerable less system resources compared to the local graphics server. XiLink can be connected to the display station via TCP/IP or simply with a serial line.
Developing individual objects without programming
XiSys Software has developed an extended vector graphics format, which is able to describe dynamical aspects of vectors and its properties. Each property of a vector can be assigned with a change profile. The dynamical changes will be interpreted by the graphics server in real time.
This is an impressive way to design objects which can be animated without the need of additional program coding. Read more...
Human Machine Interface
This concept allows a big task to be divided in several smaller logical blocks. Because a lot of visualization tasks need only a limited amount of rules, it is possible to map these rules into a program. At runtime a configuration file tells the visualization program how the rules have to be applied. Read more...
Development tools